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An inside look at what students gave up for Lent

Natalya Sayegh, Editor Grade 8

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During Lent, many people give up something they love for 40 days. By doing this, they show that they stand with Jesus when he was in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. He did this with no drink, food or companions.

Let’s take a look at what students at St. Viator have given up for Lent!

Kylie Curran, 8B, said,”For Lent, I gave up dairy and eggs because my little brother can’t eat it, so I feel bad eating it around him.”

Peri Jones, 8B, said,”I gave up cheese because I felt that I was having too much of it too often.”

Daniel Sayegh, 1A, said,”I gave up chips because I love them and I wanted to show Jesus that I love him more.”

Madi Gust, 8B, said, “ I sacrifice something for Lent to show that I appreciate Jesus’ sacrifice for us and to feel how he did in the desert.”

As you can see, students at St. Viator are ready and excited to celebrate  Easter with their family and friends!

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An inside look at what students gave up for Lent